Transport Manager CPC: Usage Within EU Members States & Brexit

Transport Manager CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). Current information on the use of Transport Manager CPC in an EU member state, differing from the EU State it was originally awarded in. Plus, details of how a UK awarded Transport Manager CPC may be viewed by the EU after Brexit

Transport Manager CPC: Procedures for Use Within the EU Member States

The Holder of a Transport Manager CPC in road transport operations, which has been awarded by any of EU Member States. Can be used by the holder of the Transport Manager CPC to demonstrate professional competence in any other EU Member State.

There is a process by which the holder of an operator’s licence holder, operating in a national market of another EU member state, & wishing to use a holder of a Transport Manager CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence), which was awarded in a different member state. Then what is known as a mutual recognition certificate is required to support the application. The mutual recognition certificate must be obtained from the regulatory body of the national market to be operated in.

Oplas Transport Consultancy advises that any operator’s licence holder wishing to use a Transport Manager CPC, which has been awarded from a different EU member state. That they contact the regulatory body for the member state were the operation is taking place. To confirm that the Transport Manager CPC is one that will be acceptable to the regulatory body of the EU State, which they are operating in.  

UK operator’s who are required to nominate a Transport Manager CPC Holder, & the nominee is the holder of a Certificate of Professional Competence, which has been awarded by RSA or OCR. Which is a full professional competence certificate (National or International) issued since March 1992, then a mutual recognition certificate is not necessary.

Transport Manager CPC: The Effects of Brexit & the Transport Manager CPC

Although there is now a Brexit deal between the United Kingdom government, & the European Union. There is still the matter of a trade deal to be agreed. The agreements over the regulations surrounding road transport, will play a major part in any final agreement. The EU has in the past indicated that once the UK leaves the European Union (Currently the UK is in a transition period). The EU will no longer accept any Transport Manager CPC. Which was awarded to the holder in the United Kingdom.

As previously stated, there is no final trade agreement at present, if there is a trade agreement in place & the EU keeps to what it has indicated in the past, in relation to UK awarded Transport Manager CPC’s. Then it is most likely that the proposed disentitlement will come into force. Therefore, any holder of a UK awarded Transport Manager CPC, & is acting as the nominated transport manager with a UK Transport Manager CPC in another EU member state. Would have retake the appropriate Transport Manager CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). In another EU member state, to continue to demonstrate professional competence, so allowing them to continue to work in any EU member state, as a nominated transport manager.

Currently the UK government has not gave any indication that it will apply the same disentitlement to a Transport Manager CPC which was obtained by an individual in another EU member state. Which then is in use by that individual to demonstrate professional competence. When acting as the nominated Transport Manager, on a UK operator’s licence.

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This Basic Guide Has Been Produced, to Give Basic Guidance in relation to Transport Manager CPC Regulations, & the Operator Licensing Regime. It Must not Therefore Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice.