Transport Manager CPC: Definition/Meaning

The Transport Manager CPC is more commonly known a CPC Cert. Has the official title of, Certificate of Professional Competence. The certificate is awarded to a person who has passed the required examination after which they are considered as being professional competent. Also, the holder of a Transport Manager can be the “nominated” transport manager on either a Standard National, or International Operator’s Licence. As the nominated transport manager, they share in equal measure the responsibility of maintain compliance to the Operator Licensing Regime. With the Operator’s Licence holder.

Transport Manager CPC: Professional Competence Definition/Meaning  

Throughout this website you will notice the term Professional Competence, in relation to the Transport Manager CPC, (Certificate of Professional Competence). Therefore, an understanding of the term professional competence in relation to Transport Manager CPC, will help those enquiring about the Transport Manager CPC / Certificate of Professional Competence, & its relationship with operator licensing regulations.

Professional Competence in the case of both the Transport Manager CPC, (Certificate of Professional Competence), & operator licensing regulations. Refers to an individual as being competent i.e. having the skills & knowledge, to a recognised & certified professional standard. To manage road transport operations, which come under the operator licensing regime.

Transport Manager CPC: Internal & External Transport Managers 

The holder of a Transport Manager CPC, must be a neutral person, & not be a commercial entity, such as a limited company. In addition, the holder of the Transport Manager CPC must have a genuine, & direct link with the Operator’s Licence, that he/she is nominated on. Such as being an employee, director, company secretary, owner or shareholder. If this is the case, the holder of the Transport Manager CPC is known as an internal transport manager.  

If the holder of a Transport Manager CPC is self-employed (Sub-Contract, Freelance, Outsourced), & is the nominated transport manager. Then the holder of a Transport Manager CPC is known as an external transport manager. If this is the case, the prerequisite of a genuine, & direct link to the Operator’s Licence, which he/she is nominated on, is still applies. This is normally done via a Contract of Services.

Oplas Transport Consultancy offers a range of Transport Manager Services, which includes those parties looking for a holder of Transport Manager CPC, to act as their nominated transport manager on an external basis. Plus, those holders of a Transport Manager CPC willing to offer their skills & services as an external transport manager on a self-employed, Sub-Contract, or Freelance basis. Can join our Transport Manager CPC holder database. So that they can be contact by Operator’s Licence holders, looking to use their skills & services under external transport manager conditions, as a holder of a Transport Manager CPC. Please use the links as shown at the top of this page, to access these services

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This Basic Guide Has Been Produced, to Give Basic Guidance in relation to a Certificate of Professional Competence Regulations, in relation to the Operator Licensing Regime, & Therefore Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice.