Transport Manager CPC: History of Introduction & Changes 

The Transport Manager CPC or to give its official title, the Certificate of Professional Competence, was introduced as part of The Goods & Public Service Vehicles sections, of the (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995. The purpose of this act was the implementation of EC Directives 96/26/EC, EC Directive 98/76/EC, and subordinate legislation. That being (Regulation (EC) No 1071/2009 with regard to the professions related to the management of Goods & Public Service Vehicle Operations.

When first introduce the Transport Manager CPC had four types of certification. Each certificate was related to indicating the Professional Competence within a particular part of the transport industry, as shown below.

International Passenger Transport, National Passenger Transport
International Road Haulage, National Road Haulage

If an individual, wish to obtain the International Certificate of Professional Competence qualification. The individual had to take a separate standalone exam, & already be in possession of a national certificate of professional competence. This way of obtaining an International Transport Managers CPC ended by 2013.

Transport Manager CPC: Changes to the Qualification

Before December 2011 & as previously stated there were four types of Transport Manager CPC giving the holder of one or more of these certificates the right to be considered, as being Professional Competence within the transport industry. These were; National Passenger Transport, & National Road Haulage. Plus, the International Passenger Transport, International Road Haulage. All of which were at level 3.

The Transport Manager CPC qualifications, were combined, as of 04/12/11. This was so both the National & International Certificate of Professional Competence (Transport Manager CPC) qualifications meet EU regulations. The results of which are shown below.

Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers (Passenger Transport) Level 3
Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers (Road Haulage) Level 3

The changes meet it was now possible for individuals looking to enter the profession of Transport Management, to be compliant with the new regulations. In addition, it allowing those holding a Transport Manager CPC gain previous to the changes. To continue to have the ability to demonstrate professional competence, by allowing of their previously gain Transport Manager CPC or Certificate of Professional Competence. To continue being accepted as being professional competence in the area of transport operations management, but only as its original type. Therefore, an old Transport Manager CPC of a national type, would still remain a national Transport Manager CPC.   

These changes to the Transport Manager CPC, or Certificate of Professional Competence structure. Has resulted that now, there is only one version of the Transport Manager CPC. For Goods Vehicles (HGV), or Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV). This one Transport Manager CPC or Certificate of Professional Competence. Now gives its holder professional competence, & therefore the ability to manage both national, & international transport operations.

This means that a Transport Manager CPC candidate how may only be looking to control operations under a Standard National Operator’s Licence. Will after gaining the Certificate of Professional Competence qualification. Will have ability to undertake the control of both national & international transport operations.

Transport Manager CPC: Acquired, Grandfather Rights Certificates

A further set of Transport Manager CPC / Certificate of Professional Competence holders affected by the changes which took place on the 4 December 2011, Were the holders of a Transport Manager CPC gained by the way of was known as Acquired Rights, or Grandfather Rights Certificates, (Please see the Other Acceptable Transport Manager CPC Qualifications page for more information on this area of Certificate of Professional Competence). If these individuals were already nominated as the Transport Manager Standard Operator’s Licence on 4 December 2011. They were issued with a new type acquired rights (AR) certificate automatically to them.

But for those Transport Manager CPC holders, which was gained under Acquired Rights, or Grandfather Rights & were on a Standard Operator Licence as the nominated Transport Manager, as of the 04/12/2011. Then these individuals needed to submit evidence to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. That they had without interruption, managed a road transport operation(s) for a period of 10 years previously to 04/12/2009. If this was the case then they had to apply for the new Acquired Rights Certificate, before 04/12/2013, from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, to keep their professional competence.

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This Basic Guide Has Been Produced, to Give Basic Guidance in relation to the Transport Manager CPC, (Certificate of Professional Competence) Regulations, & Operator Licensing Regulations. Therefore, Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice.